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Q. Do I need to sand before I paint?

A. Chalk Paint decorative paint adheres to almost any surfac and there’s rarely a need to sand or prime. There may be times, however, when you’ll need to sand to remove loose paint, rust, and other surface debris, or when the surface is glossy or made of melamine or laminate. 

Q. What is the best way to apply Chalk Paint?

A. Chalk Paint is typically applied by brush. To get started, tip the can upside down and shake before use. Then open and stir well. If the paint is too thick just add a little water and stir well. One quart of Chalk Paint covers approximately 150 square feetdepending on how many coats of paint you use to cover a piece. 

Q. Is Graphite Chalk Paint a true black?

A. The Chalk Paint palette doesn’t include a true black.  Graphite, which is almost black, is not a simple, hard color but a mellow, sophisticated one.  You can create a darker appearance to Graphite by first applying a layer of Aubusson Blue.  Follow this with a coat of Graphite.  When the paint is dry, apply Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax.  You can also mix a bit of Aubusson Blue into the wax to make it appear more black than brown.

Q. Can I paint my walls with Chalk Paint?

A. Chalk Paint can be used to give both old and new walls depth and interest and even a bit of texture.  Apply one or more coats of paint with a brush or roller for coverage and let dry.

Q. Can I use Chalk Paint on floors?

A. Chalk Paint can transform old concrete and wooden floors, even if they’re varnished.  Just apply two or three coats of Chalk Paint, and then apply Annie Sloan Lacquer for added durability.

Q. What about painting metal with Chalk Paint?

A. You can use Chalk Paint directly onto all kinds of hardware, including metal work.

Q. How do I care for my painted furniture?

A. Furniture finished with Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Soft Wax stands up well to everyday wear and tear. Avoid excessive water. Clean with a soft cloth and avoid all liquid furniture polishes. To clean marks or stains, use a slightly damp cloth or chamois with a bit of mild soap. Avoid extreme temperatures or humidity.

A. One of the key features about working with Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Soft Wax is it’s easy to change your mind.  You can apply another coat or two of Chalk Paint over your previous finish, and then seal your new paint layers with additional wax

Q. I finished my project and now I’ve changed my mind about the color. Can I paint over Soft Wax?