Fusion Tung Oil

Fusion Tung Oil

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500mls. - Tung Oil offers excellent water resistant protection for wood or Milk Painted surfaces - especially with exterior applications.

Tung Oil is a natural drying oil extracted from the seed of the tung tree, a tree native to China and other Asian countries.

Versatile, easy to use and environmentally friendly, it's been used for centuries as a water resistant finish for boats and other wooden objects as well as stone. It's a popular choice as it does not darken, mold or go rancid.

Please read all instructions prior to application.

TO USE: Shake contents before applying, apply a generous oil coat with a stain pad, cotton cloth or brush. VERY IMPORTANT:  After 15 minutes, remove any and all excess oil with a cloth. Apply 2-4 coats for full protection of the wood surface.  Dries in 24-48 hours.

To improve the penetration and drying process, dilute the first two coats of oil with 50% odourless solvent.